Target audiences

With our services we address four target audiences:

1. Financial investors
2. Public companies
3. Private companies
4. Start-up companies

Financial investors
Operate in dynamic and occasional volatile financial global markets. They require utmost confidentiality and avoidance of conflicts of interest. They require global, regulatory and macro economic expertise.

Public companies
Have to increasingly balance short term investor requirements against strategic decisions in increasingly regulated global environment and rapidly changing dynamic competitive landscapes. They require industry and domain expertise.

Private companies
Require the utmost confidentiality, and in-depth understanding of the niche and/or specialty areas they operate in. Private companies have to balance the interests of the company with the interests (time horizon and taxation implications among others) of the key (often family) stakeholders.

Start-up companies
Face extreme competitive and dynamic landscapes, with constantly changing priorities and challenges to keep a laser sharp focus on growth. Sub-optimal decision making can change the path of a winner into a me-too runner, in an instant. They require out of the box insights and expertise that is up to date and unique (innovative) to the start up.